Research & Writing

I research and write in two main areas:

  • postcolonial digital humanities with specific interests in Internet infrastructures, postcolonial computing, feminist digital activisms in the Global South. I locate my work in the socio-political context of India.
  • post-9/11 literary, cultural, and digital texts about Muslims in America, including the racialization of Muslims, political and cultural practices of minority citizenship, hashtag activism, and race and trauma

I was invited to speak on the “Reframing History” podcast by Dr. Julian Chambliss (June 2020) to discuss my work in postcolonial digital humanities. My work has been featured in KU News and in the KU Libraries Annual Review.

Journal Article

Chapter in Edited Collection

  • [Revise and Resubmit] Thorat, Dhanashree. “Decolonizing the Code: Teaching Digital Humanities in a Postcolonial Context.”
  • Thorat, Dhanashree. “Digital Infrastructures and Technoutopian Fantasies: The Colonial Roots of Technology Aid in the Global South.” Digital Humanities in India. Ed. Maya Dodd and Nidhi Kalra, 2020
  • Thorat, Dhanashree. “The Activist and the Terrorist: Reimagining the Nation-State in My Name is Khan and New York.” Reflecting 9/11: New Narratives in Literature, Television, Film and Theatre . Ed. Heather E. Pope, and Victoria M Bryan. Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2016

Digital Projects

  • Editor, Indian Indenture in Trinidad (2013)
    This digital project uses WordPress and Timemapper to map, spatially and chronologically, the migration of Indian indentured workers to Trinidad between 1845 and 1917. By visualizing the pattern of migration flow, the project situates migration under the indenture system at the nexus of the policies and ideology of the British metropole, the sugar plantocracy in Trinidad, and Indian nationalism. Project Website: