I will be speaking at the following events:

September 21, 2018. Keynote speaker. Network Detroit 2018. “Digital Infrastructures and Communities in Resistance”

November 11, 2018. Presenter, American Studies Association Conference, Atlanta. “Hashtag Resistance: Building Interracial Coalitions for Racial Justice in the United States”
(Co-Panelists: Melissa Brown and Chesya Burke; Panel Chair: Jessica Marie Johnson)

December 12-13, 2018. Event Organizer and Speaker, Digital Humanities Winter School, Pune, India

January 5, 2019. ACH Roundtable Panelist, Modern Language Association Conference, Chicago.”Post/Colonial Transactions in the Global Digital Humanities.”
(Co-Panelists: Carrie Johnson, Rikk Mulligan, Kathleen Fitzpatrick, Lisa Rhody)



August 16, 2018. Workshop facilitator, “Critical Engagement through Digital Pedagogy.” KU Teaching Summit 2018.
(with co-facilitators, An Sasala and Brian Rosenblum)

March 23, 2018. Presenter, “Colonial Pasts and Techno-Utopian Futures.” Global Digital Humanities Symposium, Michigan.

January 29, 2018. Invited seminar talk, “Postcolonial Imperatives in the Digital Age.” Digital Humanities Seminar sponsored by the Hall Center for the Humanities, University of Kansas.

November 2017. Presenter, “Muslim, Asian, and Black Solidarities after 9/11.” National Women Studies Association (NWSA), Baltimore.

April 2017. Presenter, “Inter-Ethnic Solidarity: Japanese American Activism in support of Muslim Americans after 9/11.” MELUS, Boston.

April 2016. Presenter, “Melancholic Secrets in Wajahat Ali’s The Domestic Crusaders.” Association for Asian American Studies (AAAS), Miami.

January 2016. Presenter, “Re-Building Digital Archives with a Postcolonial Ethics of Decentering.” Where is the Nation in Digital Humanities panel. MLA, Texas.